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How do I participate in an offering?

You need to open and establish a new account by depositing a minimum of $10,000.00. Any amount is acceptable but you must have enough cash in your account to submit an "Indication of Interest" on any offering or multiple offerings at the same time.

Are there any minimum or maximum limits to the size of my "Indication of Interest"?

The minimum "Indication of Interest" is 100 shares. The maximum "Indication of Interest" is unlimited.

Is there any benefit to opening an account and giving an "Indication of Interest" early in the process?

Yes, Early "Indications of Interest" receive the heaviest weighted ranking by our software allocation tool when determining allocations. As soon as the registration statement is filed, we will accept "Indications of Interest".

How do I receive larger allocations?

By submitting your "Indicating of Interest" early in the process and indicating for a large number of shares.

What if there are not enough shares to meet demand?

Please keep in mind that we might not receive any share allocation in an offering and we might be unable to give you any allocation of shares in any offering. We have developed our business model and will use our software, as needed, to help solve this problem, assuming we receive an allocation. Our business model is designed to allocate shares in a fair manner to investors. In the event there are not enough shares to meet demand, we will allocate shares to clients based on how they rank versus other clients using the following factors:

  1. The date and time that a client gives us an "Indication of Interest".
  2. The size of your "Indication of Interest".
  3. Participation in our offerings, ranked by the number of offerings in which you have participated.
  4. Length of holding period, longer is better, ranked by sale date if shares are sold or transferred.
  5. Open market share purchases of offerings and holding period.

What are the costs to sell my shares?

We charge a small commission per trade based on the number of shares.

How long do I have to hold onto my shares before selling?

You are free to sell your existing shares at any time during market hours. We strongly discourage "flipping" or selling your shares during the first 30 days.

What are the rules for changing my "Indication of Interest"?

You are able to change your "Indication of Interest" at any time before the effective date of the offering. Existing clients must log in and go to the "Indication of Interest" screen to change their indication. However, once the issue has been priced which occurs on the effective date, your "Indication of Interest" becomes a firm order and you cannot change it or cancel it.

How do I get a copy of the prospectus?

Please go to "Current Offerings" to view the prospectus or the SEC web site at

How do I contact IPO Solutions with Initial and/or Secondary Public Offering related questions?

Please email us at with any questions.

All offerings are processed through a registered securities broker/dealer. The IPO Solutions registered broker/dealer license is currently pending.
Accounts and assets are held by Southwest Securities, Inc. a member NYSE, FINRA and SIPC.